Reunion Details

Fabulous 60th Reunion Weekend!

What a wonderful two days with our classmates. The Denby Tour on Friday was outstanding. 32 of us met in front and had photos taken standing by the anchor! The tour, led by Denby staff, was an eye opener. I heard later that that furniture man, Van, donated a million dollars to Denby, which helped make it updated. The pool was splendid (no, we didn't swim), as was the gym. They have a seniors-only lunchroom room! And the Student Courtroom not only helped with school problems but teaches about courts, attorneys, the law! The halls were clean with shiny tiles and deep blue lockers. We ended up first in the newly-added cafeteria and then swarming over the gift table where a lot of Denby items leapt off the table! Denby was just spectacular! Thanks to Marianne Marianne Delis Brown for making this happen!

The the gathering at Roger's Roost where at least 80 of us were there was a great evening. With name tags, we found people we forgot and were thrilled see again! Jerry, last name unknown, from the 1961 class, was generous in buying all the pizzas! A big thank you to him. The evening was just a big talk feast and,
and, along with the tour, made the day a fabulous first day!

Celebration at Lochmoor was a blast and a success. 72 of us gathered over happy hour from 6–7!

The memorabilia tables were stacked with the Denby Log, year books and reunion, books, scrapbooks, photos, sweaters and hats, and Patti Ennis/Trish Dolaninski's book, Beyond the Pettis Bridge,
which was sold out with Trish signing everyone. If you want one, go to the Internet! 

Sandy Seppala Gyr, January class secretary and co-chair for the reunion welcomed everyone and set the stage with Denby memories (gambling incident...), thanked all who were on the reunion team, and encouraged everyone to share memories and their own highlights of their lives!

Sitting at round tables with yellow rose centerpieces, we gabbed over a delicious dinner and Denby cake! 
It was a very genial and warming evening. After dinner, conversation continued with the last person leaving at 10 pm! There were hugs, tears, laughs, and so much sharing and talking. 
The memorabilia went fast from the tables!

It was a septacular way to end our Denby days all together. But friendships were renewed or made so probably there will be Denby gathering and friends until we're all at the Denby table in the sky!

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Thank you to everyone who made this happen and all those who were there!

Questions? Contact:
Sandy (webmaster and co-chair Jan62): 703-597-7925, or 
Joe (co-chair June62): 231-215-7394,