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•   Monty Blashill (Blashill)  12/31
•   Robert Kinnee  11/29
•   Corinne John (O'Reilly)  11/28
•   Virginia Butchart (Cowie)  11/28
•   Gary Knowles Reid  11/28
•   Richard Fairchild (Fairchild)  11/28
•   Sandra (Sandy) Seppala (Gyr)  11/27
•   Richard Tischbein  11/4
•   Gary Warner  8/15
•   Marge Dolling (Murray-Edwards)  8/14
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7 live in Arizona
3 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
12 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Massachusetts
140 live in Michigan
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New York
7 live in Ohio
1 lives in Pennsylvania
6 live in Tennessee
2 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
423 location unknown
85 are deceased


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Denby High School
Class Of 1962

Our reunion, in June 2022, is closer now. This website is our only way to contact you with information about people in our classes (January & June 1962), updates, and information about our next reunion. The site has received many bounced email addresses since our last reunion. If you know of people in our classes you haven't been receiving messages, please ask them to update their Contact Info on this site. Actually, everyone of us should update our Profile and Contact Info! I definitely need to update my photo! Contact me if you need help updating your site.

You might want to check into our 'In Memory' page too. We've lost more than 100 of our classmates. If you know of others, please post it or send to the webmaster for posting.

I'm not sure about you, but now that I'm 77 and will be 78 in January, I tend to be a bit nostalgic about my life. So many memories pop up about events and friends at Finney and Denby. I belong to "I lived in 48224" on Facebook (sign up!) and that really brings back a lot! Recently, there was a very kind post with tons of responses about my family's business, Harper Sport Shop. We could start a topic on this site too under Message Forum.

Last, our site also can be found on Facebook. Check it out!

Stay safe.

Help us find all our classmates!

Send a link to this website to everyone you know from your Denby 62 class

and ask them to register on this site.

Our last reunion will be in June 2022 (see below) and it would nice to find those who are missing. We have about 190 registered out of at least 600 in our graduation classes combined.

This website is the center of our communications for all activities.

Please urge classmates who haven't registered yet to get with the program!

It's just 1 1/2 years away! Our next reunion will be in June 2022 and it's not too early to start planning. Right now, we think we again will hold the Saturday night dinner-reunion at Lochmoor Country Club. We held it there before, everyone knows where it is, and it would require the least amount of organizing. As we did at the last reunion, we could have other activities that weekend, e.g., happy hour at a restaurant on Friday night. Review what we did in 2012 by going to the Reunion Details on this website. What would you suggest? Want to help planning it? Send your ideas for when, where, what, to the webmaster.

Hope you're staying safe during this terrible coronavirus pandemic. Wash your hands, don't touch your face, and stay healthy.

Peace, Sepp

Welcome to the Denby High Class of 1962 (January and June) website.

Greetings to our classmates. Our 50th reunion was in June 2012—9 1/2 years ago. Our 60th class reunion will be on Friday-Saturday, June 24-25, 2022.  On Friday, we are planning to have a tour of Denby! We also plan for the traditional Happy Hour on Friday evening. We will have the Saturday evening event at Lochmoor Club in Grosse Pointe. Please respond if you have another suggestion for venue and/or activities. We already have a volunteer to arrange a tour of Denby on Friday! Who can arrange a place to hold Happy Hour on Friday night? The one before was excellent.

This is a good time for you to update your profile and contact information. If you need help with accessing the site (forgot your pw or whatever), contact the webmaster or send email to And also it's a good time to badger those who were in our class but not registered on this website to do so!

The 60th will be our last organized reunion and the website will be taken down after the reunion. Comments welcome.

If you are browsing the website and are a member of the Denby 1962 class, please register on this website so that we can find out about you, and you can then read about your classmates and find out about them. We're still trying to find as many classmates as possible.

Be sure to check out the Classmate Photos—you may see yourself up there! You also can upload your own. The Message Forum is where you can start some conversations!

Stay tuned as we continue to find ways to get together and keep in touch!



Joan Tobey (O'Neil)  1/22
Sue Quay (Toretta)  1/26
June Hittenberger  1/30
Roger Elle  2/4
Dayna Milbrand  2/4
Henry Salla  2/7
Tom Carlson  2/9
Robert Kinnee  2/11
Edmund Nicol  2/11
Sharon Grieser  2/13
Ed Kenny  2/16
Richard Tischbein  2/18
Wayne Whisman  2/19